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Joshua's journey spans over a rich career in commercial real estate, where he has contributed to San Antonio’s landscape with insight and integrity. A Duke University and Georgia State alumni, his path diverged from potential professional soccer to explore the realms of commercial real estate and entrepreneurship.


However, it was his youth coaching and role as a father that truly transformed his perspective, leading him to author the award-winning children's book "Barry the Brave: A Flowerageous Journey to Courage" for his son, Luke. Drawing inspiration from figures like Kobe Bryant, who seamlessly blended athleticism with creative pursuits, Joshua combines his understanding of the business world with a passion for storytelling. This endeavor aims to spark imagination in young readers while gently infusing lessons learned from the challenges and triumphs of his own experiences.

In essence, Joshua’s story is one of balancing professional endeavors with personal fulfillment, highlighting the unexpected paths that lead to inspiring the next generation.

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