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As an award-winning children's book author, I enjoy writing stories that not only entertain but also inspire, drawing from the depths of my business and sports experiences to foster a space where every child can see the endless possibilities of their potential. With each tale, I strive to ignite the imaginations of both young readers and their parents, encouraging a journey of emotional and intellectual growth.

Raising Barry series

Embark on a journey with Raising Barry—an award-winning series of engaging children's books that blend dinosaurs, adventure, and valuable life lessons. Join us as we empower kids to embrace bravery, kindness, teamwork, perseverance, and curiosity through Barry's exciting adventures.

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The Wondrous World of Real Estate series (coming soon)

Coming soon, "The Wondrous World of Real Estate" book series begins with "Beyond the Bend: A Builder's Tale" and "Sally Starfinder: A Real Estate Agent's Galactic Journey," weaving imaginative tales that link the magic of construction and interstellar exploration with the real-world dynamics of the real estate industry.


These stories are designed to be the perfect bridge for professionals in real estate to connect with their children, showcasing the creativity, problem-solving, and boundless possibilities inherent in their work, one engaging adventure at a time.

Follow along, be the first to know when these books are published, and get exclusive behind-the-scenes access...

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